Dengue Fever Risk Increases in Tainan

Photo by James Gathany, CDC, via Wikimedia Commons

The Tainan City Health Bureau said that the mosquito population has doubled in the last week, increasing the risk of dengue fever cases in the city. There have been 17 cases of dengue fever so far this year with 15 in Kaohsiung and two in Tainan.

The Health Bureau added that the heat and humidity after rainfall will give the mosquitoes prime breeding conditions. In such conditions, mosquito larvae only need a week to develop. The public is encouraged to eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes by cleaning up after storms and ensuring that there is no standing water. The Health Bureau is also reminding managers of construction sites to take action after it found excessive standing water at some sites.

The public should wear light-colored clothing that covers the body and use mosquito repellent, especially when taking part in outdoor activities or hiking, to lessen the possibility of mosquito bites.

There is no cure for dengue fever. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and a skin rash that is similar to measles. Anyone experiencing such symptoms should contact medical professionals immediately.

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