CPC to Raise Consumer Natural Gas Prices

natural gas ship
Photo from CPC press release

State-owned CPC Corp., Taiwan (台灣中油) said today that it will raise the price of natural by 2.99%, or NT$0.28 per m3. The company will not, however, raise the price of LPG, industrial propane, or butane, according to a CPC press release.

The average household consumes 30-45 m3 of natural gas per month, which would mean a monthly increase of NT$8.4-12.6.

CPC said that the international LPG contract price remained the same as in May, but with falling freight costs and the appreciation of the New Taiwan Dollar, the price for Taiwanese consumers should decline. However, the company will maintain the consumer price for June as the reduction would only be NT$0.2 and the minimum price adjustment is NT$0.25.

The price increase for natural gas went into effect today.

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