Costco Store Fails EPA Air Quality Tests

Photo by 玄史生 via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration recently ran 20 air-quality tests in public spaces, including stores, during the first quarter of the year, UDN reported. Eight spaces failed tests, one of which was Costco in Taipei’s Neihu District. According to the EPA data, CO2 in the store exceeded acceptable levels.

The EPA tested for a variety of particles and chemicals in the air, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and bacteria, as well as particle size less than 10 microns (μm).

Of the eight spaces that failed tests, seven improved air quality when retested. The only space that did not improve was the Costco store. The EPA will levy a fine of NT$50,000-250,000 until the air quality meets minimum standards.

The EPA plans a second round of air quality tests at KTVs, cinemas, museums, financial institutions and other industrial spaces.

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  1. Like in many (most) public buildings, there is no air handling unit that refreshes the air on a constant base. The HVAC industry in Taiwan has hardly solutions for this. One was only focussed on the AC part, leaving H (heating) and V (ventilation) untouched. For decades the absence of ventilation has given big problems, not in the least in hospitals. With the recent Indoor Air Quality Act the government tries to tackle this. However, low expertise in general and the absence of well educated independent installers will slow the process down.
    But thanks for the post; We are going to contact Costco now to find out if we can offer them a smart and energy saving design 🙂

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