Gruesome Discovery at Kaohsiung Railway Construction Site

death Kaohsiung
Zhengyi Station in Kaohsiung. Photo by Cynroya via Wikimedia Commons

The crew working at Zengyi Station (正義車站) in Kaohsiung’s Sanmin District made a gruesome discovery while digging underground pathways on Tuesday afternoon — a woman’s body was found and police were called to investigate. The worker operating an excavator at the site 500 meters from the station spotted the body at 2 pm and immediately called police.

Police identified the woman as a 57-year-old surnamed Liu who was reported missing to the Fengshan District police on May 9, Apple Daily reported. Her head was covered in plastic and she was wearing a raincoat but there was no sign of physical injury, and police have not ruled out homicide. The investigation into the cause of death is ongoing.

The woman’s family reported her missing after she walked out of her home without telling family members where she was headed. Her family was worried because she did not carry her cellphone with her. They told police that she had been depressed.

Following a police investigation, it is suspected that the woman was suffocated, though investigators have not determined whether it was suicide or murder. They noted that there was no signs of footprints among the weeds surrounding her body. As the construction site is blocked off for public access, it would not be easy for the woman to enter the area at the time of her death. Investigators noted, however, that it would have been possible for her to gain access through nearby Zhengdao Park (正道公園).

Police are reviewing area surveillance video to see whether Liu was alone at the time of her death. As there is no video surveillance at the construction site, police are relying on cameras monitoring the surrounding area.

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