Chunghwa Post Commemorative Coins Come Under Fire

chunghwa post coins
silver panda coin
From Taiwan Ocean Gold Coins Co., Ltd. website

Two sets of commemorative coins from Chunghwa Post have come under fire for the perceived message they send to consumers, Apple Daily reported. The gold and silver coins with images of pandas celebrate Chunghwa Post’s 120th anniversary. However, on the LINE sales page, the NT$4600 coin sets are denominated in RMB rather than New Taiwan Dollars.

Netizens questioned whether Chunghwa Post has now become China Post with these coin sets. The post office stated that since 2014 it has sold commemorative coins in China and, therefore, has coins that are specific to consumers there. The two sets are called “One life, one world pandas” (一生一世熊貓銀幣套組) and “New Panda Partners” (新三劍客熊貓銀幣套組)

The coins were minted by Taiwan Ocean Gold Coins Co., Ltd. (台灣大洋金幣公司), which produces coins for both markets. On the company’s website, there are similar panda coins with an image of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on the opposite side. The reverse side of the coin is not shown on the Chunghwa Post website, however.

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