China Says Taiwan Pineapples Contain Excessive Pesticide Levels


The Xiamen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in mainland China said that pineapples imported from Taiwan exceeded levels of the pesticide dimethoate, according to UDN. The omethoate levels found exceeded Chinese standards seven-fold; the acceptable level in mainland China is 0.02mg/kg and the level in Taiwanese pineapples was 0.14mg/kg.

Following the test results, mainland China will increase the proportion of imported pineapples tested to 10% for the next six months.

Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture deputy director Feng Hai-tung (馮海東) said that Taiwan banned the use of dimethoate seven years ago, so it’s unlikely that inspections in China found the insecticide.

Taiwan produces 410,000 metric tons of pineapples annually and exported 9000 metric tons last year, of which 8000 metric tons were exported to the mainland. China is Taiwan’s largest importer of pineapples, followed by Japan. Taiwan tests for 310 types of pesticides; Japan requires an inspection certificate, while China does not. With the increased testing in mainland China, more pineapples will be sold in the domestic market, which will probably drive down prices.

The bureau said that it will investigate the cause of the failed tests, focusing on farms, and fine anyone in violation of the pesticide laws with NT$15,000-150,000.

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