China Airlines Union Sets Strike Vote Today

China Airlines
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

In what could cause another headache for Taoyuan International Airport, the union representing flight attendants for China Airlines has set a strike vote for today, possibly disrupting air travel for the four-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Apple Daily reported.

The strike vote was set at 9 am today. Union spokesman Lin Xinyi (林馨怡) said that the union represents 2500 members and strike would require 1900 votes in favor.

China Airlines flight attendants have been protesting since last month what they call a unilateral move by management to reduce salaries and paid time off. There was an original call for a potential strike to begin right before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday rush, which management as well as airport officials hoped to avoid.

The company allegedly claimed that it was not afraid of a strike by flight attendants. Union representatives said that the company’s agreement with the pilots union shows that while pilots are indispensable, flight attendants are like disposable chopsticks, according to Liberty Times. China Airlines said that the comments were made to damage the company’s reputation.

Company Chairman Sun Hung-hsiang (孫洪祥) and President Chang Yu-hern (張有恆) pleaded in a letter for the staff to take the side of company, citing increased competition from low-cost carriers in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia for the lower salaries.

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