“Maybe Framed” Says China Airlines Flight Attendant Caught with Drugs at Taoyuan

China Airlines
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

China Airlines confirmed that ones of its flight attendants was arrested for smuggling drugs into Taiwan on a flight from Amsterdam.

The 27-year-old flight attendant surnamed Lin (林) was found with a small amount of marijuana and ecstasy in her luggage when she arrived at Taoyuan International Airport. The amount of drugs reportedly found was only one or two grams of each, according to Apple Daily. The drugs were found on the outside of her suitcase, attached with double-sided tape.

The China Airlines crew member claimed that the drugs were for personal use but later changed her story and said, “Maybe I was framed,” because she claimed to have to not have previously used drugs and her luggage was mixed with passengers’ bags.

Lawyer Lawrence Wu posted on Facebook that investigators should examine the tape wrapped around the drugs for the flight attendant’s fingerprints to confirm whether she was actually framed.

In March, Lin was tagged for “strict inspection” as authorities were tipped that she may be transporting drugs. However, authorities did not find anything at the time.

This was the first case of an airline crew member being caught taking illicit drugs into Taiwan, according to the Aviation Police Bureau.

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