China Airlines to Discontinue Kaohsiung-Taoyuan Flights

China Airlines
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

On July 1, China Airlines (中華航空公司) will discontinue its daily express flight service between Kaohsiung International Airport and Taoyuan International Airport, according to Apple Daily. Kaohsiung residents used the service for greater access to international flights as Taoyuan remains Taiwan’s major airport.

China Airlines said that the reason for discontinuing the route is because of high-speed rail service between the southern city and Taoyuan along with the opening of the Airport MRT line from the HSR station. The Taoyuan Airport MRT line in particular cuts the travel time by about 20 minutes and makes flights between the airports less profitable.

However, some residents note that the high-speed rail service from Taiwan’s second-largest city to Taoyuan Airport is not as convenient as flying as travelers cannot check their bags and must transfer to the airport MRT or a shuttle bus at the Taoyuan HSR station. There is also the problem of early morning or late night flights for which there are no trains, forcing travelers to spend a night in Taoyuan. The airline said that the trains cover the majority of times their flights already operate.

The trip between Kaohsiung’s Zuoying HSR station and Taoyuan Airport takes almost two and a half hours.

Airlines, including China Airlines, offer discounts on HSR tickets through their websites, though information can only be found in Chinese.

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