Friday Photo: Lanterns and Reflections at Chin Shan Yen Hui Chi Temple

Chin Shan Yen Hui Chi Temple

Located in Zhishan Park, which is also home to Zhishan Ecological Garden, is Chin Shan Yen Hui Chi Temple (芝山巖惠濟宮), a Buddhist temple overlooking the city that provides visitors with unobstructed views on  clear days.

The original temple in Taipei’s Shilin District was constructed in 1752-1764, with the current structure being completed in 1968. The area around the temple was the site of fighting during the Lin Shuangwen rebellion against the Qing Dynasty in 1786-1788.Chin Shan Yen Hui Chi Temple

Hui Chi Temple is dedicated to the Sage King Chen Yuanguang, founder of the Zhangzhou district of Fujian.

The temple is within walking distance of Zhishan MRT Station on the Red Line. (map)

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