Chiayi Has 2nd Best Wi-Fi Coverage in Taiwan

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Chiayi City has expanded its public Wi-Fi network. Photo by Mohamed Hassan via

Smartphone and other device users are constantly on the lookout for accessible Wi-Fi in public areas. This can be particularly frustrating for some tourists who may be asked to register with a local phone number to access networks. But city governments around Taiwan are working to improve the quality and accessibility of Wi-Fi networks to better serve residents and tourists.

After the city government expanded its public Wi-Fi network, Chiayi City now has the second-largest coverage in Taiwan behind Taipei. On average, 60,000 people use the network in Chiayi for about an hour per day, UDN reported. The city government has implemented 4.5 Wi-Fi hotspots per square kilometer. If including Chungwha Telecom Wi-Fi hotspots, the total number in the city is 1132, and 18.9 hotspots per square kilometer.

Users can download the Love Chiayi (愛嘉義) app to locate the hotspots in the city. The city hopes the service will help the nearly 7 million domestic and international visitors it receives each year.

The city is currently installing smart streetlights that have built-in Wi-Fi connections. The smart streetlights will also assist the city in collecting data to improve services and conserve resources; they will be able to monitor traffic flow and air pollution.

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