Chiayi Man Hangs Bags of Stagnant Water, Urine from Balcony

trash cans
Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

An elderly man on Beirong Street in Chiayi has irritated his neighbors enough to call authorities to inspect his unsanitary habit of hanging bags filled with stagnant water, trash, and even urine from his second-floor balcony.

Neighbors report that the bags leak and fluids run onto the eaves of the building and sometimes dampen the mood and heads of passersby, Apple Daily reported. The neighbors reported the unsanitary conditions to the Department of Environmental Protection.

The head of the community association said that the 70-year-old man surnamed Wang had been living in the area for decades, but had been living alone since his divorce. He had repeated instructed Wang to clean up the mess of bags, but the verbal warnings led to no results.

One neighbor noted that the bags handing outside left a rancid odor, particularly on hot days, forcing people nearby to close their windows. At one point an argument over the bags of urine caused a scuffle that led to injures to Wang, for which he received NT$30,000 in compensation.

Chiayi police noted that unless there is aggressive behavior they can only attempt to persuade a neighbor such as Wang to clean up the mess; they have no authority to force a resident to clean up.

The Department of Environmental Protection issued a warning for Wang to clean up the unsanitary conditions at his apartment or face a fine of between NT$1,200 and NT$6,000 for violating article 11 of the Waste Disposal Act.

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