Friday Photo: Through the Haze at Cheng Huang Temple, Keelung

cheng huang temple keelung

Hu-Guo Cheng Huang Temple (城隍廟) on Zhong 1st Road in Keelung is typically reserved for worshiping spirits that serve the City God, which attracts people to the temple during the Ghost Month, which is in the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The Ghost Festival this year begins on September 5.

Hu-Guo Cheng Huang Temple celebrated the 200th anniversary of its founding in 2016.cheng huang temple

The Cheng Huang God is a Taoist deity considered to be a fair and selfless god of justice. It is sometimes referred to as the City God. In Taoist mythology the spirits of the dead would inform the Cheng Huang God of the good and evil deeds within the city.

During the Ghost Month in Taiwan, people generally avoid having surgery, moving house, making big-ticket purchases, getting married, or even swimming to ensure that they do not attract the attention of spirits in the area.

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