Chef’s Meat-Smuggling Plans Thwarted at TPE

Photo by Jefferry at English Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons

Customs officials at Taoyuan Airport were busy yesterday.

The Customs Administration said that it searched the luggage of a chef returning from a trip to Japan on a Delta Airlines flight. Late last night, the chef was stopped at customs and his two checked bags were searched. Inside his bags, customs agents found 40 kg of beef, The Central News Agency reported.

Because the quantity of beef violated import regulations, the meat was confiscated and destroyed. The chef allegedly wanted the freshest beef possible for work and could only purchase a large quantity. There was no report on where the barbecue took place or whether the confiscated meat was Kobe beef.

In another case last night, police arrested a 38-year-old man caught smuggling drugs out of Taiwan. Authorities were tipped off when the man headed for the security check without waiting for his checked bags to go through the X-ray. The man was set to board an 11 pm flight to Sydney before being stopped by authorities who found 5.3 kg of meth in his luggage, according to The Central New Agency.

The man claimed he had no knowledge of drugs in his checked luggage and begged authorities to allow him to board the plane.

Police said it was the largest quantity of drugs found on an outbound passenger.

In other Taiwan-related aviation news, a threat to a Los Angeles-bound EVA Air flight is being investigated by the FBI, KTLA reported. The FAA received a phone call of a bomb threat 20 minutes before the direct flight from Taoyuan was set to land.

The plane landed safely at 3:30 pm local time, and the 305 passengers were allowed to enter the terminal at 5:20. There were 10 such threats made to US-bound flights on Memorial Day.

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