Expired Seafood at 5-Star Hotels

May 17, 2016 editor 0

Seafood wholesaler Yuyang International (漁洋國際股份有限公司), headquartered in Luzhou District, has allegedly been tampering with the expiration dates of its products, which include shrimp, clams, and […]

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Smog Shrouds Taiwan

November 9, 2015 editor 0

Following a couple days of clear skies last week, parts of Taiwan have been hit by a wave of smog. AQI levels around Taipei reached […]

Heatstroke Cases Increase 2%

June 20, 2015 editor 0

There have already been 12 days of 35°C temperatures in Taipei this summer, the second highest on record. According to emergency room statistics, 196 people […]