Another Tour Bus Accident Leaves 5 Seriously Injured

bus accident
Photo courtesy Taoyuan Fire Department

A tour bus carrying students from National Cishan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational Senior High School in Kaohsiung on a three-day trip to Taipei collided with a low clearance in Luzhu District in Taoyuan at 8:38 pm on Thursday, UDN reported.

There were 26 students on board along with a teacher, the driver and tour guide. Five people, including three students and a teacher, were seriously injured when the bus ran into a low clearance column, but authorities said that none of the injures are life threatening.

The driver reportedly was unfamiliar with the route while following GPS navigation and tried to drive through an area marked “2.5 meter clearance” at the Rongxing Road bridge. The bus was en route to a hotel in Taoyuan for the evening when it was torn apart by the cross beam.

While the height limit for the section of the road was 2.5 meters, the bus was 3.45 meters. The accident is under investigation.

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