Burmese Python Captured in Kaohsiung

pyhton kaohsiung
Firefighters captured a 6.5-meter Burmese python today. Photo courtesy Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau

There are species of snakes that are common around Taiwan, but some non-native species have been found in unexpected places. On Thursday evening, local authorities in Kaohsiung captured a 6.5-meter-long Burmese python that had been hiding in tall grass along the roadside near Chengqing Lake (澄清湖) in Niaosong District, UDN reported.

A worker clearing weeds in the area to make a path to Chengqing Lake spotted the non-native snake in the late afternoon and called animal control. Due to the size of the python, the fire department was called in to assist in rounding up the snake. It took seven people to capture the snake.

Two people were originally called in to handle the python, but they called for backup due to its size and that typical snake-handling equipment could not be used. The seven firefighters were forced to capture the snake by hand with one holding the head to prevent it from biting anyone. Authorities said that it weighed about 60 kg (CNA later reported the weight at 100 kg) and would be transported to the Kaohsiung Agriculture Bureau.

python kaohsiung
Firefighters posing with the captured python. Photo courtesy Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau

Breaking News Community (爆料公社) has video of the snake being captured.

Most warnings about snakes in Taiwan are about vipers, particularly in less populated areas, though the poisonous snakes have been known to make their way into the cities.

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