Authorities Seek Prosecution of Boss Who Abused Employee, Held Him Captive

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The Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office is seeking to prosecute a Huatan Township factory boss who allegedly held a mentally handicapped employee captive after accusing the employee of theft, Apple Daily reported.

In February last year, the 46-year-old factory boss, surnamed Huang, claimed that the 22-year-old employee, surnamed Chang, had stolen products and damaged machinery. As Zhang lived at the facility, Huang refused to allow him to leave the property, going so far as to chain him up around the neck and waist and placing him in handcuffs.

While detained at the factory, Huang subjected Chang to abuse, including scalding him with boiling water and burning him with lit cigarettes. Huang also threatened Chang’s family, demanding NT$600,000 in compensation for the theft and damaged equipment.

Chang was reportedly paid NT$6,000 per month with an additional NT$1,000 in living expenses plus housing at the factory. Huang hired him the previous January.

Chang’s father was permitted to visit his son in captivity but could not pay Huang. He was finally able to take his son for medical treatment in October 2016. Chang suffered burns, scars, and even blindness in his left eye. Huang continued to demand compensation.

Chang’s grandmother visited Huang to plead for reconciliation. At that time, Huang threatened her with a gun.

This May, police raided Huang’s home and discovered three handguns along with illegal possession of rare cypress wood.

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