Beitou Library Among 10 Coolest Green Buildings

Photo by Lijun via Wikimedia Commons

The Beitou Public Library was named one of the 10 coolest examples of green buildings by travel website When On Earth. The current renovation of the library, which was designed by Guo Ying-zhau and Zhang Qing-hua, has been open since November 17, 2006.

The website says, the Beitou Public Library is “the first ever building in Taiwan to qualify for the highest diamond rating under its government’s EEWH certification system.”

The eco-friendly library collects rainwater for use in the toilets and uses solar panels and natural light to reduce electricity consumption. The open windows also encourage air flow to cool the building with fans rather than air conditioning, as do the plants that surround the library.

The library was featured in CNN’s “Step inside 27 fascinating libraries” in 2014 and’s “The 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World” in 2013.

The library attracts an average of over 55,000 visitors per month and houses approximately 22,000 books and publications, according to the Department of Information Technology.

Take a video tour of the library.


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  1. For sure the Xin Beito libary is a lovely building to see, yet it is not a great example of a good sustainable building. Travel website “When On Earth” is not to blame for having little knowledge on the subject. Basicly the EEWH system is a good label for sustainable buildings, though this has not resulted in international professional recognition. There is a lack of holistic approach and integral solutions. Taiwan has very few true ‘green’ buildings. Some of them are not EEHW labeled, but would actually score better than the Xin Beito Library. It might take some decades to change this situation.

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