Beer Sampling at Jolly Brewery

Founded in 2006, Jolly Brewery+Restaurant has three locations in Taipei for patrons to sample their six beers. On offer are a weizen, stout, pale ale, scotch ale, pilsner, and seasonal brew. They offer a six-beer sampler for NT$290; 400mL glasses are NT$175. There is an English menu and credit cards are accepted.

The beers won’t necessarily inspire you, but they are a decent change from the usual bottles of Taiwan Beer. You certainly won’t find many scotch ales around the island (and not many non-Belgian beers that are 7.2% either). The flavor and color of the scotch ale is much lighter than most would expect after drinking such beers from American craft brewers, but it’s still one of the better beers on tap.

The weizen, pilsner, and scotch ale were the best beers. At the Zhongzheng location, something tasted “off” about the stout and pale ale; they had an almost soapy flavor. At the Songshan location, the stout and pale ale didn’t have the same taste, but they still weren’t that good.

Jolly Brewery isn’t set up for late-night drinking, but more for going out with a group for dinner and drinks after work. The food options, which are¬†mostly Thai-style curry, ranges from NT$160 to NT$400+, and portions are made for sharing with your group.

The location in Zhongzheng District has multiple floors and rooms aside from the wide booths at the door. The Songshan location is more open and welcoming, but it can get noisy with a large enough crowd, which makes conversations among groups at larger tables a bit more difficult. The Songshan location also offers some outdoor seating for evenings when the weather is more comfortable.

Locations: 29 Qingcheng St. in Songshan District (map), 469, Section 6, Minquan E. Rd. in Neihu District (map), and 60 Hengyang Rd. in Zhongzheng District (map)