Bank Robber Foiled by Ill-Concealed License Plate

Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

A 43-year-old man was arrested in connection with a bank robbery in Kaohsiung on November 26, according to Apple Daily. The bank robber made his escape on a motorbike with NT$607,530 from the Fengshan branch of KGI Bank.

Police managed to track down the purple raincoat-clad suspect because the piece of paper that had covered the motorbike’s license plate blew off during the getaway.

The suspect admitted that he robbed the bank to repay what he borrowed from loan sharks to help his siblings who were in debt. He was employed as an electrical engineer with a monthly salary of NT$40,000, but needed more to help his relatives. After the robbery, the man deposited the stolen funds in his bank account.

The alleged bank robber’s wife did not know about the situation until the police arrived to arrest him.

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