Bald Man Caught Stealing Shampoo

Photo by Alanthebox (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

A 40-year-old bald man was arrested for stealing shampoo from a drug store on February 29 in Da’an District, Taipei, Apple Daily reported. The man was caught after stealing seven bottles of the German anti-hair loss shampoo Alpecin, which claims to reactivate hair growth with caffeine.

When questioned by police why he had stolen so much of the shampoo, the man pointed to the sparse hair on his head and said that he wanted to try the shampoo after previous failed attempts to regrow his hair.

He did not, however, provide an explanation for why he needed seven bottles of the shampoo, although it’s likely he believed that the shampoo works best when used in much larger quantities over a shorter period of time, which sounds like George Costanza logic. It would require a lot of lathering, rinsing, and repeating.

Bottles of Alpecin sell for NT$299-399. The largest bottle for sale is 250 mL.

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