Authorities Destroy 14 Tons of Eggs in Dioxin Investigation

Photo by cogdogblog via Wikimedia Commons

In the ongoing investigation into excessive dioxin levels in eggs, the Changhua County Government said today that about 14 tons of eggs have been destroyed and 40,000 chickens culled, CNA reported.

While egg farmers were calling for compensation due to the destruction of eggs as well as the falling prices since the food scandal was uncovered, the Council of Agriculture (COA) said that the market would recover soon or the government would compensate farmers affected by the case, according to another report.

The price per jin (600 grams) for eggs in Taiwan before the incident was NT$28.5, and has since fallen to NT$22.5, according to Wang Chung-shu (王忠恕), deputy director of the COA’s Department of Animal Industry. If the price does not rebound or if consumers continue to avoid eggs for fear of dioxin levels, the government may step in to compensate the farmers, he added.

Taiwan’s FDA and the COA held a joint press conference this evening to disclose the test results of 21 samples. They traced the dioxin-tainted eggs to Hung Chang farm (鴻彰蛋場) in Changhua.

The local Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) determined that the pollution was likely from the water source as tests were inconsistent, but an investigation is still ongoing as to whether the feed was a problem. The EPA found no problems with air pollution causing the excessive dioxin levels and soil samples are being tested.

According to the COA, the product source code for the eggs that should be off the shelves at grocery stores is “5140052015” and the company’s registration number is “07391.”

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