Argument over Fireworks Ends in Stabbing, Arrests

Shifen Old Street
Photo by Kevin Poh via Flickr (

While the public is warned of the dangers of fireworks, its not always the fireworks that cause harm to the public.

Yesterday afternoon, a 32-year-old man surnamed Hsieh and some friends set off fireworks along Shifen Old Street, UDN reported. A 47-year-old shop owner named Chen and his daughter complained to the group and an argument ensued.

Chen’s family members attempted to break up the argument but it then turned physical. Hsieh then stabbed the shop owner in the stomach.

Police arrested Hsieh and four others involved in the incident. Two of the men are being investigated for criminal charges.

Police administered first aid at the scene before transferring Chen to the hospital. His injuries are not life threatening.


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