Wrong Trash Bag Incident Ends in Argument, Arrest

taipei garbage truck
Photo by 玄史生, via Wikimedia Commons

Trash collectors in New Taipei City’s Zhonghe District refused to accept two bags of garbage from a man who had his trash in official bags from Taipei City on Tuesday night.

After telling the man, who had taken his garbage to the trash truck on his motorbike, that they could not accept the bags because they were the wrong color, the man became angry and threw one of the bags of trash at the city employee. The trash collector told them man, “We only accept garbage in the New Taipei bags.”

The man pleaded with the trash collectors to just take the garbage to make it more convenient. The trash collectors still refused to take his garbage.

The 40-year-old man may be punished for throwing trash, with a lawyer telling Apple Daily that the most serious punishment would be two years in jail. Following the incident, the man was taken to the local police station and charged for attacking a government employee.

The incident comes a week after American media organization ATTN praised Taiwan’s trash collection in a video featuring the musical garbage trucks. The video mentions that Taiwan’s recycling rate is 55%. AJ+ also posted a video about the trash trucks last year, as did The Wall Street Journal.

Official trash bags in New Taipei are pink while those in Taipei are blue. The use of the official trash bags around Taiwan is to help pay for trash collection five days a week as well as to encourage people to generate less trash.

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