AQI to Remain Unhealthy in Coming Days

air pollution taipei
Air pollution in Taipei

65 air quality monitoring stations in northern and western Taiwan reached the orange “unhealthy for sensitive groups” level today, with 35 stations reaching the red warning level, meaning that air quality is unhealthy.

The EPA said that today would likely be the worst day for air pollution, but warned that conditions will continue for the next three days. Easterly winds will bring more pollution from mainland China across the strait during those days.

As of 8:30 pm, the majority of monitoring stations in Taipei were at unhealthy levels at 150 or above, with Taoyuan reading 170. The Yangming station was the only one in the region with a healthy AQI at 34.

Tsai Hung-teh (蔡鴻德), director-general of the EPA’s Department of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control, said local governments south of Taichung are required to implement an “early warning mechanism for emergency control measures on the serious deterioration of air quality.” The EPA authorized local governments to control the operation of two-stroke motorbikes and old diesel trucks in specific areas.

Tsai added that younger students should avoid excessive outdoor exercises and activities and that indoor school activities should close windows and doors to alleviate indoor air pollution levels.

Taichung ordered its coal-fired power plant to reduce the amount of coal used by 24% next year, CNA reported.

Additional AQI levels in Taipei and throughout Taiwan can be found here.

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