Animals in Transport Die at Taoyuan Airport

Taoyuan Airport
Photo by Luke Ma from Taipei, Taiwan (Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan), via Wikimedia Commons

Ground crew at Taoyuan International Airport are being accused of negligence today after the death of animals in transport, Apple Daily reported. As temperatures have been at record highs this summer, the animals being transported on flights were left on the tarmac in their cages.

The excessive heat, amplified by the hot tarmac, caused the animals to die. However, the animals were scheduled for morning flights when they succumbed to heat stroke. The animals had reportedly been left in their hot crates for two hours.

In all, three dogs, a cat, and more than 100 chicks died before their arrival in Kuala Lumpur on China Airlines flight CI-721. When the crew began loading the crates onto the plane, they found all but two dogs already dead. The dogs were rushed to emergency care, but did not survive.

A detailed investigation into the animals deaths at the airport are underway.

Yeh Li-sen (葉力森), professor of veterinary medicine at National Taiwan University, said the animal deaths show poor airport management and a lack of standard operating procedures, UDN reported. Professor Yeh emphasized that airlines and airports must develop relevant procedures for animals, especially during severe weather conditions.

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