Andy Chu Sentenced to 12 Years for Woman’s Death at W Hotel

W Hotel Taipei
Photo by Ernest Chiang via Wikimedia Commons

Six months after a 21-year-old woman surnamed Kuo was found dead of an apparent drug overdose at the W Hotel in Taipei, web celebrity Andy Chu (朱家龍) was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in the party that led to the death.

Two others involved in the incident were sentenced to 11 and a half years and 11 years in prison, while another awaits sentencing at the end of the month. One of the two already sentenced said that Kuo should have taken the drugs at her own risk and he and the others should not have to bear responsibility for her death.

Prosecutors argued that Chu provided the drugs for the five-day party at the hotel and should be held responsible in the young woman’s death. Immediately following Kuo’s death, when two men carried her unconscious body from the hotel to Cathay General Hospital, Chu denied being present at the party despite booking the hotel rooms.

Even after sentencing, Chu denied providing drugs directly to Kuo as he pleaded his innocence, Apple Daily reported. He said Kuo’s death was an accident and he felt sorrow for her death.

Kuo’s father spoke in court for the first time today, saying that he was grateful to the judiciary and police for following through on the case.

Investigations revealed that Kuo’s death was caused by a mix of eight different drugs. There was no evidence, however, she was sexually assaulted.

Before police arrived at the scene, the hotel room had been cleaned of evidence that prevented authorities from conducting investigations faster.

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