Ana Maria Micu’s “Self-portrait with Indoor Plant” at MSAC

Ana Maria Micu’s paintings, which are based on photographs from her immediate environment, portray what the artist calls “unlikely studio views.” There is a portrayal of clutter and disorganization in life that remains beautiful.

Micu’s realist style shows the audience the details set in light and shadow. While the paintings are meticulously detailed, some also have slightly skewed perspective.micu-quote

The Romanian artist’s solo exhibition, “Self-portrait with Indoor Plant” (凝視自我), at Mind Set Art Center (MSAC) displays a dozen paintings that show the surroundings of a painter in a studio. Many of Micu’s paintings include depictions of her paintings that are also on display. Few of the paintings depict the artist, and those few are unrecognizable as they don’t show much of her face. Many of the plants in the artwork are also obscured.micu-paintings

According to MSAC, the portraits “bring forward one of Micu’s artistic guidelines by which art is in a symbiotic association with the routines of life.” She also “refrains from elaborations of solid imaginative narratives….She files images that appear unsolved, inexplicable or unaccomplished.”

This is Micu’s second exhibition at MSAC, but first solo exhibition. Her work will be on display until April 4.

Mind Set Art Center 安卓藝術
No. 16-1, Section 3, Xinsheng South Rd. (map)
Open Tuesday-Saturday 14:00-18:00

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