Alec Shepley Brings Calvino-Inspired Art to Taipei

Alec Shepley Ibid

British artist Alec Shepley’s solo exhibition, Ibid., opened in late December at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts at Taiwan National University of Arts. The exhibition will run until February 15.

Shepley’s work is inspired by Italo Calvino’s novella Invisible Cities, which was published in 1972. The work in this exhibition focuses on the chapters of Sophronia and Leonia. Shepley displays imagined cities and broken forms in his model (I am from Sophronia) and video piece (I am from Leonia), which captures the impossible blueprint of the chapter in Invisible Cities.

Alec Shepley's video display viewed through the broken wall display
Alec Shepley’s video display viewed through the broken wall display

Ibid. is a small exhibition at the art museum, but there are other exhibits for visitors to enjoy, including Living in Chengdu, a group exhibition of paintings by 22 mainland Chinese artists.

To get to Kuandu Musuem, take Line 2 (red line) to Guandu Station and take the TNUA shuttle bus or Da’nan bus red 35 or 55. You can also get off at Zhongyi Station and walk up Yixin Rd., but it is a steep hill to climb for about 15 minutes.

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