Airport MRT Delayed Again

Taoyuan Airport
Photo by Luke Ma from Taipei, Taiwan (Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan), via Wikimedia Commons

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications said this afternoon that the airport MRT will likely be delayed another six months, CNA reported. The MRT line has missed multiple targets as it was planned to open by the end of 2015 and again by the end of March (for which the ministry claimed was on track back in October). The estimated opening time still depends on the train line passing inspections and tests. The process also requires three months of simulated runs.

Thus far, MRT line test runs have not met the speed standards. The average speed should be 60 km/h, but the current average train speed is 57 km/h. Missing the speed requirement means that the travel time is increased by up to three minutes.

The airport MRT line has been under construction since 2006 and will run for 35 km. The budget for the project is estimated at NT$113.85 billion (the original budget was NT$93.6 billion, and the line was targeted to open in 2010).

This should be positive news for bus companies that operate routes to and from Taoyuan Airport.

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