8 South Koreans Arrested for Protesting Hydis Closure

Police guarding National Immigration Agency on June 10, 2015

Following the closure of Hydis Technologies Co. Ltd., an LCD subsidiary of E Ink Holdings Inc. in South Korea, some employees traveled to Taiwan to protest. About 70% of Hydis’ employees took early retirement packages in March, when the plant closure was announced, according to Taipei Times.

Eight South Korean nationals who are reportedly former Hydis employees were arrested last night for disturbing social order during a protest that included about 50 people outside Yuen Foong Yu Group, the parent company of E Ink, in Taipei, according to CNA. The Immigration Agency says that it will handle their case according to the law, which means that the eight will most likely be deported.

About 60 police were sent to National Immigration Agency on Aiguo Rd. this morning as a small group demanded the unconditional release of the eight South Koreans. Some of the protesters threw eggs at officers standing guard with riot shields at the entrance to the building at around 10 am, Apple Daily reported.

Some former employees believe that the plant in South Korea was wrongfully shut down, claiming that the company was making a profit. E Ink claimed NT$960 million in losses due to the closure of Hydis.

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