5-Year-Old Dies of Heat Stroke in Penghu

heat stroke
Penghu Coast Guard transporting a boy suffering from heat stroke. Photo by Penghu Coast Guard

While on a boat trip to Daisho Island (七美島) with his grandfather, a five-year-old boy succumbed to heat stroke on Monday afternoon, Apple Daily reported.

The boy was taken to the Health Center of Cimei (七美衛生所) for treatment and then to Tri-Service General Hospital Emergency Room (馬公三總分院), but medical staff was not able to revive the youth. He was pronounced dead at 5 pm.

Authorities said that the grandfather took the boy on a boat trip in the morning and then to Wang’an (望安) at 11 am. After only two minutes on the boat to Wang’an, the boy began vomiting, so they turned the boat back to Daisho Island to take the boy to the Health Center. Upon arrival at the health center, the boy’s body temperature was 38.5°C (101.3°F). Medical staff administered CPR while awaiting assistance in transferring the boy to the hospital.

Penghu Coast Guard (澎湖海巡隊) received an emergency call at 2 pm to assist in transferring the boy to the hospital in Penghu from the outlying island. The boy lost consciousness on the way to the hospital.

While temperatures in Penghu have been slightly cooler than around the cities in Taiwan, it still reached a high of 33.4°C (92°F) today. Meanwhile, Taipei saw its 10th consecutive day of temperatures exceeding 36°C. (97°F), with nine days in August reaching 37°C, which broke a 120-year-old record.

With the extreme heat around Taiwan, residents should be cautious and recognize symptoms of heat stroke. The symptoms include headache, dizziness, muscle weakness, lack of sweat, nausea or vomiting, shallow breathing, rapid heartbeat.

If you suspect someone is suffering from heat stroke symptoms, contact emergency services immediately and move the person to a cool, shaded area (air conditioned, if possible). If possible, apply ice packs to the person’s body; however, ice packs should not be used for older patients or young children.

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