Yilan Earthquake Shakes Northern Taiwan

Taiwan Earthquake map
From Central Weather Bureau

At 11:17 am, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck Taiwan and lasted for 12 seconds, CNA reported. The epicenter was located just off the coast of Yilan at a depth of 17.5 km, according to the Central Weather Bureau. The quake was felt in Taipei and as far away as Kaohsiung and Pingtung. It was followed by two aftershocks of magnitude 4.4 each. Nan’ao, which is closer to the epicenter, reportedly felt the earthquake for 102 seconds, according to UDN.

Another earthquake of magnitude 5.5, slight farther offshore than the first, occurred at 12:29. It was followed by a smaller aftershock.

Just to the south in Hualien County, there have been numerous small tremors over the past few days, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

Apple Daily reported that a man was injured by falling tiles in Banqiao District, New Taipei, and taken to the hospital.

Some residents have taken to online message boards to question why they did not receive an SMS earthquake alert, according to CNA. Carriers noted that the lack of an emergency message could be due to the phone model, location, and firmware upgrades. The Central Weather Bureau is supposed to set out alerts if there is an earthquake greater than magnitude 5. The system is still being tested.

Part of Turtle Island off the coast of northern Yilan County collapsed into the sea, UDN reported.

Taipower stated that nuclear power plants are functioning normally and the company is running inspections to ensure safety, UDN reported.

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