223 Companies Named for Violating Labor Laws

from Taipei Department of Labor website

The Taipei Labor Bureau today released a list of 223 companies in the city that have violated various labor laws (勞基法) between April 30, 2015 and January 30, 2016, Apple Daily reported. Among the companies found in violation of the law are Giant, Taipower Company, TransAsia Airways, NTU Hospital, and even Xingtian Temple.

The top violation for the 223 companies was for overtime compensation, followed by inaccurately recording working hours. Other violations of labor law include not adhering to maternity leave regulations, excessive work hours, unpaid holiday compensation, and even paying less than minimum wage. The Ministry of Labor amended overtime laws last year.

Netizens have voiced displeasure over the government’s handling of such labor violations, claiming that the government’s fines are insignificant and won’t discourage companies from breaking the law.

A full list of the companies and violations in Chinese can be found on the Department of Labor website.

In seemingly unrelated news, a recent survey found that a record number of workers in Taiwan want to change jobs.

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