Authorities Say 1500 kg of Expired Frozen Meat in Market

Photo by The Meat Case via Wikimedia Commons

New Taipei City Department of Health seized expired frozen meat at Fantasy Frank Meats (統賀冷凍食品有限公司) warehouse in Sanchong District, UDN reported. Authorities also sealed off the warehouse where 16,000 kg of frozen meat is held so they can continue the investigation.

Authorities believe that the meat was to be sold mostly to hot pot and barbecue restaurants after the company changed expiration dates. The department said most of the meat was imported from New Zealand in 2015 and had a shelf-life of two years.

The department accessed the company’s sales records and found that about 1500 kg of expired meat had entered the market. The company allegedly had financial problems and resorted to tampering with expiration dates to recoup losses.

The Department of Health informed related companies that they must check their meat products and remove Frank Meats from their operations and inform the department by tomorrow at 3 pm.

Following the investigation of this warehouse in Sanchong, the Department of Health said it will launch broader inspections of frozen food warehouses starting on July 1 to ensure that companies aren’t selling expired products.

Expired products in the food industry is not a new problem. A 5-star hotel in Taitung was found storing expired food, but there was no evidence that the food had been served to customers. A Taichung ramen shop was even fined for using expired black pepper. And Taipei’s First Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market (台北市第一果菜市場) in Wanhua District was accused in April of serving food that had been discarded.

Government regulations stipulate that all products kitchen products, including cleaning supplies and spices, must not be used past their date.

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