After Shareholder Suspicion, 4 Arrested for Embezzlement at Hot Pot Restaurant

hot pot
Photo by FASTILY via Wikimedia Commons

Four people connected to chain restaurant Mala Hot Pot (馬辣頂級麻辣鴛鴦火鍋) were charged with embezzlement by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office after authorities were tipped off by shareholders, Apple Daily reported.

Shareholders recently found that there were discrepancies in the company’s financial data and began suspecting that the restaurant’s manager surnamed Wu (吳) and others were stealing or manipulating the books. They were suspected of taking or misrepresenting about NT$15 million (US$497,000) over a two-year period.

When the Taipei District Prosecutors Office reviewed the company’s financial information and other data, it identified four people that it accused of embezzling more than NT$3 million (US$99,578). The four people, including Wu, surrendered to authorities.

Shareholders were concerned about the financial information as the chain hot pot restaurant is popular in Taiwan and has a steady flow of customers. They felt that the revenue should have been higher considering the number of customers over the years.

The four people involved will be prosecuted for embezzling company funds between 2013 and early 2016.

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